What I appreciate most within the real estate industry is the opportunity that is given to me, to meet exceptional people.
An exceptionnal service, an unparalleled market knowledge and unmatched professionalism.
What contributes to my success is my integrity, my devotion, honesty and availability.
An exceptionnal service, an unparalleled market knowledge and unmatched professionalism.
What I appreciate most within the real estate industry is the opportunity that is given to me, to meet exceptional people.

Buy with me

Why buy with me? My role during your purchase is to get you the property coveted at the best price with the most favourable conditions.  With my exceptional ability as a negotiator this will give you an unparallel advantage!

I’ll represent you during the purchase of the property and advise you in order for the process to be as simple and enjoyable as possible.  I will guide you throughout the transaction; from the first visit where we evaluate your needs and research criteria’s to the popularization of costs related to the transaction, the steps to take before and after the promise of purchase as well as the follow-up visits, analysis of comparables, conditions, the notary process and not to mention the service after purchase. 

Due to my CMA profile, I can assist you with wise financial advice in the analysis of the budget available for the purchase of the property as well as on the tax planning related to the purchase.  I can also assess the potential property to buy in order to find the right price market.

If you want to get the coveted property, I am at your service 7 days a week!!!!

The benefits of working with me for the purchase:

To be informed, at all times, of the new products available on the market without having to spend hours on internet;

2. Having access to comparable sales in the drafting of the promise of purchase and thus know the true value of the desirable property;

3. Get advice from an expert who also analyses the data made available;

4. Receive well lit objective opinions of a third party, to avoid getting carried away at first sight or turn down a good deal on account of something non-substantial; 

5. Secure the services of a professional, ability to advise you on the terms to use when writing the promise to purchase;

6. To have an experienced negotiator at your side who knows the pitfalls to avoid when presenting a promise to purchase, more so in the presentation of simultaneous promise to purchase.

7. To be represented by a credible interlocutor who can show the advantages for the sellers to do business with you and who will have made sure you qualified for a mortgage loan.

8. To be able to rely on a reference list gained over a dedicated real estate career, whether for mortgage specialists, notaries or home inspector;

9. Obtaining the necessary assistance during a negotiation of trade down or to cancel a promise to purchase due to a defect in the building or property titles;

10. All for free.

Here are commonly asked questions by purchasers:

What is the difference between a divided and undivided condo?

Divided condominium:

• In the case of a divided condominium, each co-proprietor owns their own apartment.  The buyer must take on a mortgage independently to acquire his part.  He will also become part owner of the common amenities of the building if such applies: parking area, pool and elevators..etc.

• The other owners are not liable for the mortgage taken by the new owner.

Undivided condominium:

• An undivided co-ownership is one or more people acquiring a building in common.  For example, it would be the case if four people buy a fourplex and none owned a separate unit.

• This type of joint ownership is rarely accompanied by secured mortgages, that is to say, the owners are mutually responsible for the mortgages taken on by the other.

• Important detail: to buy an undivided co-ownership, you generally need to put 20% cash down.  A written clause with rules to be followed by each co-owner should also be registered.  Therefore, the financing and the notary are usually imposed.  An important advantage is the savings related to municipal and school taxes (about 50% of divided condominiums).

Fees related to a purchase?

• The GST and QST are not applicable on previously owned properties,

• Taxes apply only to properties sold by a promoter, so either new houses and condominiums or those who have been renovated more than 90%.

General costs related to a transaction:

• Property inspection: 600$

• Notary fee: 1300$

• Moving: 1000$

• Welcome tax: to calculate your mutation taxes, click here.

The A to Z on how to buy a property?

A) The purchaser’s financial capacity

• Appointment with a mortgage specialist to ensure a mortgage rate and obtain a pre-approval concerning the maximum amount the bank is ready to lend.

• For the mortgage calculator, click here.

• For a list of mortgage specialists, click here.

B) Analyse your needs and research criteria’s: maximum budget, location, type of property, number of rooms, parking, quality of finishing and renovated or to be renovated.

C) After the selected property:

• Analysis of comparable data that determines the real market value of the selected property.... we make sure to buy at a just cost!!!

• The promise to purchase; the conditions; the offered price; the time delays to respect; the verification of property information and the protection clauses

• The promise to purchase is presented to the seller; the art of presenting a promise to purchase, multiple offers and the final decision

• Negotiations, approval, refusal and counter-offers.

D) Lifting of conditions:

• Inspection

• Verification of documents (condos only): the declaration of condominiums, financial statements, the budget and its verbal hearing of the last condo reunions.

• The conformity of leases and the visits of the units (for income properties).

• The financing: the broker sends the promise to purchase as well as all joint annexe to the purchaser’s financial institution for final approbation;

• For a list of mortgage brokers, click here.

E) Choosing the notary;

• All parties (purchaser, seller and broker who participated in the sale) must gather at the notary for the signatures of the new act of sales and transfer all property rights

• By completing the notarized act, the notary will proceed in adjusting all expenses related to municipal and school taxes, energy costs,  condominium fees and all other cost or revenues related to the property

• For a list of notaries, click here.