What I appreciate most within the real estate industry is the opportunity that is given to me, to meet exceptional people.
An exceptionnal service, an unparalleled market knowledge and unmatched professionalism.
What contributes to my success is my integrity, my devotion, honesty and availability.
An exceptionnal service, an unparalleled market knowledge and unmatched professionalism.
What I appreciate most within the real estate industry is the opportunity that is given to me, to meet exceptional people.

Client testimonials

“Initially, we had been tempted to sell our 6 apartment property in montreal with another agent.  After our mandate of 6 months, there had been neither activity nor offer.  After that mandate, we decided to conduct a couple of interviews and our choice ended on Jean-Philippe.  His social network had been so effective that 2 offers had been presented to us even before our property was listed on MLS.  The MLS form was impeccable and by far superior to the one from the other agent.  In 2 or 3 weeks we had to refuse deposits from 3 other offers.  We accepted the first offer at our asking price.  Jean-Philippe is very pleasant and always available to answer our questions. We recommend him.”

Guy Malo & Rachel Monastesse

“Jean-Philippe guided us really well through the process of selling our house.  We had a file containing difficult elements and he knew all the steps to reach a satisfactory conclusion and support us throughout the process. He is very available and has an excellent knowledge of the market. We recommend him 100%. Hurry, call him immediately.”


Bernard Bourgault

'Jean-Philippe had been our agent for the sale of our old condo and the purchase of the new one.  Our old condo had been sold in 5 days at the asking price and we found our new home right on the first visit…
After many deceptions in matters of qualified agents, Jean-Philippe knocked at our door and was able to demonstrate great ease in communicating all the aspects relating to the sale of our condo and prompted us forward in accepting his services; we never regretted our decision, on the contrary!  From start to finish with the transactions, he had been available and demonstrated great professionalism.  If we have another real estate transaction to make, without a doubt it would be with Jean-Philippe.  What more can we do then recommend without any hesitation his precious services? 
It is one of the biggest purchase of your life, might as well return the subtlety of the market within the hands of a person of confidence who knows perfectly well the gears of his profession; and that’s exactly what Jean-Philippe embodied throughout our process of buying/selling.'

Sylvain & Kathleen

'We wished to acquire a property containing certain particularities.  With Jean-Philippe’s great availability and flexibility, it helped us make an offer the same day we took our decision. 

He gave us excellent advice throughout the process.  He didn’t hesitate to share his personal experience as well as those of his fellow clients to help us take position.  His abilities to negotiate helped us acquire our property and that under the asking price within an area where outbids are common practice.  Effective and determined, he displayed pro-activeness relating to different aspects in such a way that we were able to respect certain tight delays.'

Karine & Karl

'Jean-Philippe sold our condo in 12 hours! He then helped us find an investment property and was able to negociate the price down by 55 000$!!!'

Cathrine & Mathieu

“With Jean-Philippe, we sold our condo rapidly and with no hassles.  We are extremely satisfied with his services, his availability and his professionalism.  We recommend him to all!”


“The service that Jean-Philippe Dupuis offers is not comparable.  He is an extremely pro-active real estate broker focused on client care.  He is extremely present, patient, devoted and adapts to his client’s schedules.  He returns his calls in record time and always finds a solution when there are slight dilemmas with the transaction. 

Being myself in the sales field, I wished to take care of the transaction and was not convinced of working with a broker.  When I go back and summarize my experience with Jean-Philippe Dupuis, I understand now that I avoided many hassles and saved a lot of time!  I recommend Jean-Philippe Dupuis to all my contacts and I most probably will do business with him again in a couple of years!”


'I tried selling my property with another agent.  the mandate lasted 6 months and no offer presented itself as well as very low activity for the property.

I decided to find the right agent... I interviewed 11 agents to finally find Jean-Philippe.  His competences was by far superior.  He made a detailed fiscale planifaction for the sale of my duplex.

Jean-Philippe sold my property in 1 month.  The quality of his presentation of his MLS  file, of the pictures, as well as his contacts, led to the rapide sale at an unexpected price.  I recommend him to all sellers who had previous bad experiences with an agent who didn't sell.'